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    Social Responsibility

    Smilden Social Responsibility

    To advance the global eco-friendly movement by enhancing the value chain through people orientation, environmental co-existence and social responsibility

    Being a Sustainable Green Dental Milling Center
    As a member of the global community and a professional milling center of dentistry, Smilden has embraced measures to reverse global climate change. To become a sustainable green dental milling center, Smilden not only complies with environmental protection regulations but also strives to exceed international standards and all applicable environmental and safety regulations. Smilden introduces green concepts in every aspect of its operations, including green design, purchase, procurement, production, process, products,resource, management, and education.

    The "New Healthy Work Environment" Philosophy
    Compare to the less good work environment in the majority of dental laboratories, the concept of a healthy work environment has long taken root at Smilden. We are dedicated to building a quality work environment for our employees because we have always considered them our most valuable assets and the key to our company's growth and progress. Besides providing a competitive compensation package, a comprehensive training system, diverse benefits and a safe working environment.

    Continuing the philosophies of "optimizing our work environment and management" and "creating a healthy and harmonious organization with which our employees, management team and investors feel comfortable", Smilden's strategy is to reinforce the concept of a healthy work environment and build one that incorporates the following three elements-happy employees, healthy teams and a vigorous organization.

    Dedicated to Building the "New Smilden Healthy Workplace"
    In 2011, building a healthy workplace became one of Smilden mid- to long-term plans, with Taiwan as the main site of execution. This plan is to be carried out jointly by the Human Resources and management across the company. The results, which will be regularly reviewed and followed up on, are now listed as one of the 2012 performance indicators evaluating HR management as well as the company as a whole.