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    Why Smilden

    Why Smilden
    Smilden Biotechnology Corp. is a dental company with IT operation and management background. By dint of its rich resources in medical field from the management team and its strong expertise in CAD/CAM process and material engineering, Smilden successfully integrates every critical components to be a complete digital dental solution and milling system with clinical accuracy and high aesthetics.

    To enhance the value for customers, patients, and partners, Smilden is not only expert in performing with all main stream dental materials, but also enthusiastic at new dental technologies development. We established an in-house dental Research & Development center in 2010 to dedicate in materials/ process verification and new product development.

    For an efficient dental process implement and generating value-added by a unrivalled quality particularly in the sector of dental applications, a complete and optimized process chain with optimized process management is a must. Smilden makes it happened through a highly integrated CAD/CAM software, hardware, and milling and sinter technologies.

    A complete dental product line includes customized crowns, bridges, abutments, implement bars, and ligaments by our in-house dental milling center.
    As a long-term partnership with dental laboratories, we also offering a total solution of 3D CAD/CAM systems to enhance the value of dental laboratories