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    Case Preview

    3D preview solution

    Smilden offers a 3D design visualizations for our customer's use in discussions both with the lab and with their patient. In today's increasingly competitive climate, labs that provide supplementary services for their dentists are winning territory in relation to production-only labs. That's why Smilden gives you 3Shape Communicate? – a new service opportunity that retains dentist loyalty, attracts new clients and gives you a competitive edge.

    Easy to use for technicians, dentists, assistants
    The 3Shape Communicate? user-interface is intuitive and elegant, providing a superb user experience.

    Better services to dentists and patients
    Smilden offering an advanced communication and visualization tool that lets you discuss a patient's case while viewing the 3D model on-line. Additionally, you can present comprehensible before-and-after visualizations of restorations for patients.

    A powerful communication tool Upon completing a design, our dental technician can send you a 3D visualization and questions about the case with a single click. At your side, a message notification pops up signaling arrived input. You can login to view the design, write comments, add annotations directly on the 3D image or approve the results. Quickly your input is returned directly to us via 3Shape order management base in Dental System?.
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