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    3Shape Training Program

    3Shape Academy
    Educating Highly aesthetic and productive CAD Dental Tech


    Smilden offers a professional training programs to Partners, Distributors and Users with the aim of enhancing the benefits and value of the 3Shape solution. You can obtain the fixed training programs which are described below, but the creation of customized programs to meet your specific needs can also be arranged.

    Target groups
    The target groups for 3Shape Academy training are:
    ? Partner and Distributor staffs, e.g., training, sales and support staff members;
    ? Users, e.g., dental technicians;
    ? Potential new customer-users;
    ? Other partners, e.g., organizations selling complimentary products or services.

    In general training sessions are offered throughout the year, but special occasions may be particularly important for you:
    ? Mandatory training for new partners and distributors;
    ? Mandatory training in new releases for partners and distributors;
    ? Partner and distributor events for sales staff or users.

    Certified Training Center
    To acknowledge the competency efforts and achievements of our many partners and distributors, 3Shape introduces 3Shape Certified Training Centers. To qualify as a Certified Training Center the following criteria need to be fulfilled:
    ? Partner or Distributor;
    ? Qualified Full time training and support staff (Certified);
    ? Smilden approved 3Shape original training program.

    Training Programs

    The training is offered at 3Shape offices (Copenhagen, Denmark and New Jersey, USA) or your selected location.

    3Shape Academy offers different Program levels:
    ? Basic Training Program for new users or users with limited experience (2 days);
    ? Advanced Training Program for experienced users, (1 day);
    ? Annual Release Training Program (experienced users, (1/2 - 1 day);
    ? Basic Training for Partner and Distributor staff (2 days);
    ? Annual Release Training for partners and distributors only (1 day);
    ? Customized Training & Event Presentation Programs.

    Basic Training

    This document describes the major content of the 3shape basic Dental System training. The objective of the course is to provide the attendees the ability to successfully and efficiently operate the 3shape Dental System.

    The basic training normally takes 2 days. Dental background is required to get the best benefit of the Training session.
    * Scanner and ScanServer
    * Advanced Training Program for experienced users, (1 day);
    * Scanning Models - ScanItRestoration
    * Modeling - DentalDesigner
    * Scanning Impressions - ScanItImpression
    * System configuration - Dental System Control Panel

    Advanced Training

    The advanced training normally takes 1 day. Advanced Dental background and knowledge of the 3shape system is recommended to get the best benefit of the Training session.

    Dental Designer
    You will learn the efficient use of the advanced functionality of the latest 3shape Dental Designer software including:
    ? Veneers;
    ? Post and Core;
    ? Multiple Abutments;
    ? Screw retained Bridges;
    ? Implant Bar;
    ? Maryland Bridges.

    Dental System Control Panel
    Fully understanding of the Control Panel architecture and the multiple options of an open system interface, such as:
    ? Creating Implant Libraries;
    ? Creating Bar Designs;
    ? Set up Manufacturing Processes;
    ? Set up of ERP Interface;
    ? Set up of Dental Manager Inbox;
    ? Export/Import of Materials.

    You will be enabled to create your own libraries and use this powerful tool for customed solutions. This contains:
    ? Creating own Libraries;
    ? Additional use of ScanItLibrary.